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Why slots called pokies in Australia?

Australia and New Zealand are two nations that can provide tourists with a staggering number of architectural and natural splendor. The moment will come for you to visit one of the neighboring gambling establishments or online sites, seeking for your preferred money-making game, while you're out and about sightseeing and shooting photographs to wow your friends and followers with. The word "Pokie" is used here, and it is becoming common even on the top gaming websites for Canadian players. But what exactly are slots? To learn nore about online pokies and find the best pokies games visit

Many of you, especially the native speakers, have probably heard of this word, but their meaning is completely different from ours. Let us reassure you that, contrary to what some websites may claim, there is nothing similar to our situation to the exposure of female nipples through clothes, dry ice chest massaging, or unregistered pocket monsters in your Pokemon Go account. Don't panic; the Kiwis and Australians refer to your casual poker machines (or just slots, as it is most often known worldwide) as pokies. Browse through the enormous game selections by visiting the websites on our list of the top online pokies NZ sites.

Origins of the Term "Pokies Slot"

What gives slot machines the moniker "pokies" and why are they dubbed "poker machines"? Nobody really knows for sure about the first one, however some have made the attempt to surmise that when the original Australian slots were initially made available to the locals in the early 1900s, they were actually poker machines. This is what is referred to as a video poker machine in the rest of the globe. The introduction of the slots and their proximity to the rest of the group soon made it simpler for Australians to refer to them collectively as "pokies." More info about online slots in Australia is here.

Worldwide Pokie Slots and Our Tips for You

Returning to the subject of the article, what are pokies, you should be aware that in modern times, a pokie slot machine is essentially the same as a slot. Fortunately for you, you won't just have the pleasure of coming across this word when traveling to English-speaking nations. If you travel to England, Wales, or Northern Ireland, you'll primarily hear people there refer to slot machines as "fruit machines." This goes back to the days when the slot machine was made up of three revolving wheels with different fruit illustrations. However, the word "puggy," which is nearly same, is used in Scotland.

While you're at it, be aware that there are a ton of fantastic UK slot sites where you may pass some time playing your preferred digital pokie slot machines. One more bit of advice: if you're thinking about visiting Oz soon, schedule brief language lessons in between gaming sessions. You may even read our comprehensive guide to gambling in Australia. These days, there are an increasing number of Australians around the world, so it will be amusing to boast to them about your proficiency in their regional English. In addition, it's difficult for us to ignore how entertaining it is to refer to a slot machine as a "pokie," not to mention the rest of their brilliant and entertaining acronyms.